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Sami Sofia Sneider

As a photographer, documentary filmmaker, and multimedia artist, I aspire to challenge conventions through visual and spoken languages. I seek to photograph soulful expression of our energetic capacity. My main interests are in film & music, oceanic conservation, Latinoamérica, human rights, and communities who cherish nature and protect the environment.

I am Latina from Los Angeles, California, with family from México and Argentina. LA-based, and constantly on the move! "La vida es para vivirla!"

BFA Photography & Imaging - NYU Tisch School of the Arts, with double major in Journalism at New York University

  • 2019 Screening: Awareness Festival, Los Angeles CA, Regal LA LIVE - Selected documentary film, Tárcoles (click for trailer)
  • NYU Tisch Photography & Imaging - Class of 2019
  • NYU Journalism - Class of 2019
  • 2018 Bedford + Bowery, Published Photo Essay
  • 2018 Contributor in LA Yoga Magazine & Blog, February
  • 2017 Villa La Pietra Exhibition, Ideas People Change, curated in collaboration with NYU Florence students and Italian artist Fabrizio Ruggiero - Firenze, Italia
  • 2015 Exhibitor at Photo LA
  • 2014 Exhibitor at Off The Clock Exhibition by APA
  • 2013 APA Awards - Photography